Uniconnect is your way to effortlessly manage and analyse 💵 transactions. Create and purchase ⭐ gigs. Order 🍔 yummy food from your favourite cafeterias

Take control of your campus spending

Manage your finances. Explore services. Enjoy. Repeat

Lend/pay back money

  • Discover and connect with friends on Uniconnect
  • Effortlessly lend or pay back money to connections
  • Send cash gifts to friends with ease

Create/sell gigs

  • Access freelance services directly from your mobile device
  • Become a seller and create your own gigs
  • Add payments by uploading receipt screenshots
  • Track the progress of your gigs or orders

Order food

  • Place orders from campus food vendors directly through Uniconnect
  • Easily process payments by uploading receipt screenshots
  • Receive notifications about your food orders
  • Access and view order receipts